What can I say, I love to cook! I always have and as a kid watching my mother make her famous stuffed cabbage, (I cannot give away the secret ingredient, sorry!) I learned the old school way to make REAL home-made food.

I am always surprised by what they call HOME-MADE nowadays, a lot of it doesn't resemble what I learned from carefully watching over the shoulder of my super-chef mother. Over many decades of observation I absorbed the dying out traditions of how food was made with the heart and soul carried down by a long line of Jewish women. I miss my mother and have a turtle named after her, Doris, but the turtle doesn't cook as well as she did, oh well! Anyway, back to the cooking. Years ago while raising my two daughters I was always cooking and always made sure I made enough to share with others in the community. That is part of my philosophy of cooking, no one should go hungry no matter what! My grown kids now always remind me of the joke we had while they were growing up. When they asked why I made so much food, I would say: "What if a bus full of nuns breaks down and they are hungry?" I think that may have been how my kids  learned what a nun was! We have always been lucky enough to share. And for this I am ever grateful. I hope by sharing what I have learned from my mother, from my family and a long, abundant life, I can give back to others with REAL home-made food that transcends time and culture. Try a Wellington Pot Pie for yourself, I would be honored if you did! My pies are a rare example of REAL home-made food available in the marketplace.